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Thursday, May 10th 2012

9:09 PM

Little horn


Related article: Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 19:50:16 -0700 (PDT) From: eric darlands Subject: charmed-again-8Hey guys its me just checkin up and am holding a post for the next 3 days if you guys want the story to continue message me because of all the hate mail but thanx to everyone that wrote good things keep it real ppl I finally woke up and went into the kitchen and grab some OJ and grab the news paper and look for jean she was up and heading down the stairs"Hey you wanna go house hunting?"Jean: did you hit your head"No it's getting a little cramped over here and I kinda when I thought I was going to die asian little nude I set up a bank account with about two million "Jean: and you couldn't tell me about this"It slipped my mind"Jean: two million huh...We both got a telepathic message and it was the professor{Eric jean get to the mansion}I grabbed her hand and orbed us directly to the war room to see all the xmen and the fantastic four sitting there and I was as giddy as xxx little angel a school girl cause jean got the hint from me ogling Johnny and jabbed me in the arm"So why are we here?"I said in an angry toneXavier: we need your help"Ha-ha so now you need my help after you are disgusted by me "Xavier: I never said that"You didn't have too!"Sue: we have the world to save so cut the shit"And who the fuck are you, you know nothing of what vie done for this man and then he kicks me for no reason and didn't teach me my fucking powers"Just then a ball of water appeared around Professor Xavier and he started drowning I tried to pull it back but the water didn't budgeSue: stop it your gonna kill himI orbed out of the room and into the hall way for a minute then went back inside"Wow a lot different from my other powers "Johnny: wha the fuck is that all about"settle down sparkly its his own fault he didn't teach me my power he's just lucky im merciful"He got up from his chair ready to attack"yea come on vie taken down things you couldn't imagine "He started at me and sue put a force shield around me I just shattered It and let Johnny keep my little panties coming I surrounded my self in a blue aura and let Johnny get a little closer and blasted him so he gets knocked out then kept my blue aura up and took a seat and summoned my trident and started using my telepathy to calm my selfXavier: like I was saying an invasion has taken over and is getting all kinds of heroes under mind control an I need you all to get suited up and readyEveryone left and I summoned a cauldron and started throwing things in and then I threw in some Murdock root and got a prevention of Scott fighting me Jean came up and asked me what happened I waved away the cauldron"nothing ready to go?" Jean yea?"well lets get going"We all boarded the jet"so what is it this time titans demons aliens?"Xavier: we don't know just an invasion"where are we headed?"Xavier: looks like san Francisco""So why didn't we just orb"Sue: what"nothing"Xavier: exposure"well I think we should take me jean sue and reed and use everyone else when the invaders? Are not suspecting it"Xavier: really no stopping you is there?"no"Xavier: fine but be carefulI took jeans hand and we stood up and grabbed reed and sue and orbed to the san Francisco bridge and looked out there was scattered thing all over I multiplied myself and sent my duplicates on and found nothing so I reached out telepathically and still found nothing"daunt"I reached out one more time with telekinesis and found a figure blurred out but still a figure"okay he is at the other end of the bridge we have to catch him and tear a transmitter on his neck"Sue im still a little flusteredI held out my hand and healed her from afar and reed toSue: thanx for whatever"I need reed to find the professor and tell him to keep Scott away and tell him to look after the jet"Reed: I don't think we prteen little girls should"well that's what were gonna do me jean and sue are gonna takeout the bad guys and after you find Scott help him protect the jet"I reached out and created a force field around reed that will move with him till he doesn't need it"okay I reached and pulled another bubble around usReed left and we went searching to find the man and we just walked and walked till I smelled something different in the air I looked around and a bunch of people dressed funnyWink Von rokel Iron man Doom Elektra And dare devil"I get bored with insolence"Wink: mere child you have just came into the craft you cannot beat a master of my skill"we shall see"Wink teleported behind us and hit jean I was quick enough to freeze her and von rokel hit me in the chest with a beam and wink unfroze I just froze them all and focused they each had a band around there neck except wink and von rokel which had power enhancers I pulled off iron man and unfroze him and did the same for elytra and dare devilElytra what happenedShe pulled out her knives as she saw me"don't be afraid we war trying to help they put mind control little nudism teen on you we were helping please "Elektra thought for a moment then stepped next to us and the men soon followedI unfroze sueJean: should I just blow them up"no Elektra did and iron man you guys got von rokel ""jean sue think you guys can take doom jean can use slight blast don't kill unless as a last resort""ill take the wink that bitch deserves whets coming to her" Elektra: that's insane you want us to beat them while you take on one by yourself no ill go fight with you no lip"I didn't say a word and just noddedJean: wow he actually listened to youShe blushed"get ready"I unfroze them little cuties studios and tried a telepathic old little porno attack but her mind is shielded Elektra wa trying to catch her but she teleported away before she could get a hint I reached out telepathicly and tripped her and then froze only little girl facial her and unfroze her head"why are you attacking innocents for such use?"Wink: this will never hold me foolish charmed one you think your magic can sustain an upper level such as myself "bitch you just gave me licsense to kill"And I blew her up Elektra looked at me in a most intriguing way as to figure out my hurt I have been hurting ever since john did and then scott and caleb she was oblivios to the energy beam coming right at her I put a force field up in time to block itI went over to her"you okay?"Elektra: yeaI ran over to doom since they were having trouble holding him and shot electricity at him it just came right back at me and left a huge gash in my arm and Elektra ran over to meElektra: are you injured?"im fine"My gash healedElktra looked kind of in aweI ran back to doom and picked him up with me and took off the mind control device on his neck and let him drop I waved my hand"timbucktoo"He orbed awayAnd then I ran over to von rokel and they were beating him for a second before dare devil got thrown back then iron man I caught them both and set them down besides Elektra jean and sue and went to von rokel he let out an energy blast but I bent it into a sphere like shape and played with it a little and then I made it combust and called an orb little innocent pussies of water by my side and threw it at him he got knocked back"Something wicked in our midst In human forms this spirit dwells Make him animal sayeth this spell" Von rokel started changing in to a rabbit and summoned him into a cage"Let the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the seen to be unseen." The bridge fixed itselfSue wowElektra didn't seem surprised though "Lets go home"I took everyone with even the bunny And orbed to the jet and saw they had fought some to and still had little cuties studios one guy up he jumped on reed and stabbed him in the back sue sent the guy flying and I went over to reed and started healing I took the athame and sent it towards the guy and then about a hundred demons shimmered in I put up a force shield and waved my hand and the ficking little girls jet took off to the mansion"everyone grab my hands "They did and I orbed us to magic school it was booming with noise just then a headless horse men prteen little girls came and cut off scotts head and took off"seal the exits to this school to insure safety in my rule"We heard a loud crack"{all protectors come into the main hall}"My students came in"guys whats up with the horse men who did it?"Mary: hes been coming and going chopping peoples heads"you guys get suited and meet us here in ten"They leftSo it was just ororo logan sue reed ben Johnny Xavier me jean scott kind of Elektra and daredevil and iron man"so I think we need to train a little more with schoolgirls little them and make sure were ready to face this thing"They came back a few minutes later"okay its going to be Jason-ororo Mary-logan Ken-sue Dean-reed Derek-johnnyAny questions?""good" Jason-ororoJason got ready as ororo started to fly up she sent a lightning bolt at him he raised a metal platter and it absorbed the blast he charged it telekineticly and threw it back she dodged it and threw another Jason levitated up and threw a telekinetic wave at her she got sent back but just a bit she started making tornadoes going picking him up but he secured himself to the ground using telekinesis and then sent a book case to it her and she fell down and out Mary-logan Logan unsheathed his claws and mary showed little fear and she conjured a throwing xxx little angel knives and he started at her she threw a knife at the ground in front of loganand it became a brick wall he smashed into it and the wall disappeared and he got up quikly and came at her she jumped up in the airand tried to kick logan but my little panties logan grabbed her foot and threw her to the little lexy ground mary got up but it looked as though she was concentrating a foor foot demonic thing appeared and started attacking logan with a sword he blocked and blocked and then finally cut the beast head off and the beast disappeared just then four more mary appeared and surrounded logan and threw knive at logan and a wall appeared around him enclosing him in a cell like prison that contract to the little teen free size of logan a little chunkier and knives appearedout of the wall and the wall broke and logan appearedLogan:miss me Vines appered out of the floor and tied logan making him unable to move and mary conjured another thowing knive looking if logan could get up"Match called" Ken-sue Sue appeared invisible as ken looked around and saw no one he was a little taken back and sue hit him with a blast he flew back but picked himself up and turned himself into a griffin and another blast came at him he jumped and his snake hissed and spat dirty little tranny something that looked like goo and hit sue she turned visible and put a bubble of energy around herselfand threw the gunk off of her ken took the time to fly in the air and start to throw fire at her her bubble started the little willies to slowly fade and she got blasted backwards by the force reed started to move in and attacking ken but I stopped him and made the vines appear aroundhim like they did to logan sue started to fight again and tryiong to get every blow in and she caught a break throwing two blast at ounce and cathching him off guardand getting hit and being thrown into the book shelf and getting knocked down and outDean-reedDean started out by picking up books behind reed and throwing them at him from behind it hit him in little nudism teen the head he picked up reed and little kds naked started twisting him and ttyeing him together and it work so he picked up the banner that was hanging and covered reed in itand tying the banner in itself and reed was trappedDerek-johnnyJohnny altered to fire form and Derek summoned sais and threw one after the other at Johnny but metled as they got to close so Derek made dirty little tranny a barrier of adamantium around Johnny as I watched closely I looked into johnnies mind to see if hes okay Derek put out the fire since the lack of airhe got rid of the wall and left Johnny lying on the floor then throwing a sai at his leg" match called"Scott: looks like they have talent"or a good teacher"Ororo: we need to track this thing" asian schoolgirl little I say we split up with who we faced in the matches anyone else comes with me"ben Xavier jean and scott kind of Elektra and daredevil and irom man Jason-ororo Mary-logan Ken-sue Dean-reed Derek-johnny We split up and came along the horse men going after one o f the teachers little havana I put a forcefield up but the teacher still got sliced and I felt a familiar presence about this thing it sensed like a student ive seen before but I couldn't tell at the moment in then it hit me it could be an illusion I then sensed the connection established between the student and the horsemen I dwelved into it and looked for the student it was the shamen and she was close by I then took off down the hall and into the directions of the wavelink ifelt the surprise of my team except elaktra and iron man I felt trust and they continued following me until we got to some sort of cave I went inside to see the shaman and I dwelved into her mind once more to see why she was killing but found nothing I then got a premonition it was her being raped by two teachers and I snapped prteen little girls out of it the two teachers were mr. mcgregar and. Mr. omallyI orbed to theier classroom to see them teaching a magical history class I tied them up and orbed them to the council hall"adeo mihi ego voco thee concilium of bonus quod malum res video vidi visum a auditurus esse"art nudes little orbed her too the nurse and went back to the teamScott:where the hell were you!"how about you stop yelling at me and get over your fucking problems"Scott:you're the fucking screw up"well then why don't I screw up one more time by not putting your head back on?"I walked awayJean: scott your so stupidScott: what did I do?Jean: you know damn well that hes still hurt by what you didScott: so that gives him a right not to help meI walked in" yea it doesA Time for Everything and to everything it's place Return what has been moved Through Time and Space"Scotts body mended with his headScott: im.."no your not and you guys still have to get home guys we got demons to vanquish"Jason:yes!!!!"let us take part from this school safety assured in my rule"Jean: could at least have rymed?"you try thinking up something fast potions was always my game"We all grabbed hands and I orbed out to the mansionTeveryone that actually lived there went inside"powers of the witches rise course unseen across the skies come and help this needy school be blocked from evil and their tools"A lite shimmered in the skie and rested on the schoolI orbed the fantastic 4 home and then dare devil and iron manThat left of course my hero ElektraElektra: why don't you join me tomorrow in hunting"sure" Elektra: so why so mad at little pink panties scott" lets just say hes kind of a manwhore trying to get into our loved ones pants"Elektra: talking from experience"maybe he did it to little hardcore porno someone close to me cause if he did it to me there would be hell to pay"Elektra: yea this is my stop I will see you tomorrow then lets say 12:00pm"yea sure its been a long day im gonna head home"I finally orbed home and went to bedI awoke the next day to billy little weapon screamingHe ran into the room to see billie on the floor screaming and a demon above her I sent an energy ball flying at him and he got knocked back I went over and helped her up"what the hell happened"Billie:I don't know I tried the banishing little girl nudism spell but it didn't workThe demon got up and threw an energy ball at me and sent me flying billie ran over and helped me up I threw my hand"bay"The demon orbed out"PIPER"The sisters orbed inPiper:whats up"I think its time to be charmed"Piper the power will consume him}Phoebe I art nudes little hope he will be okay}Paige he is not ready}"why the hell not I have power already and im not consumed and have never turned evil"Piper:maybe your right"you don't think so!"Paige:no we don't but its for the better"fuck good you cant even help people fucking elders raping students and don't get punished"I orbed to the underworldPaige:what is he talking aboutI roamed the underworld for a while and walked around my new homeand found a cave full of demons I walked in and roamed around demons looking surprised at me and a demon walked upDemon: what are you doing here young charmed one?He held out an energy ball but made it dissipate"I come here to see the seer"Demon: and may I ask what it concerns?"no you may not"I made an energy ball and vanquished him"anybody know where the seer is?"Seer: I am here"we have little april masturbation business to discuss" A slight smile came across my face Back at the manorPaige: what do you think he is gonna do ?Phoebe: become evil?Piper:eric do you think he would do that"maybe maybe not"I shimmered in and my eyes turned pitch blackI made an energy ball and threw it at piper but it stopped and I started feeling the pain of everyone in the room little teen free the energy ball dissipated and finally I fell to the ground in pain I started putting up an empathic shield and the pain started going away I stood up again and went up to the attic sice noone was there anymore. Phoebes loftSandra the elder: this could be the final battle between wyatt chris against EricPiper:we cant kill him he is our familyPhoebe:can we explain to himPaige: no we have to I walked up to the book and a shield appeared I summoned an athame But I flew across the roomTo see wyatt and chris standing thereWyatt: why are you doing this Eric"I will give you both the same offer join me and I wont kill you"Wyatt: wrong answerHe flung his hand but I deflected the blast back at chris chris flew across the room into the wall I threw wyatt out the window and went over to chris and tried to heal him and tried to heal him over again it didn't work"wyatt"He orbed in and healed chris I went and grabbed him and hugged him"sorry chris goodbye"I shimmered out to golden gate bridge"I am light I am one to strong to fight expel the evil in my body leave only what belongs to me"A dark light left me and summoned a knife and stabbed myself through the chest and fainted I awoke in the manor I orbed out to the bay mirror and went into phoebes officePhoebe my god Eric your awake"how did I get in the manor ?"She came and hugged mePhoebe: chris went looking for you"I almost killed little girl sexy him phoebe I almost killed chris"Phoebe: it wasn't you" im not so sure im leaving phoebe bye"I orbed out to the manor and went into my room to see jean there"hey jean lets go"Jean:where"house hunting"We left around townand found three suitable ones and then we found one jean did actually did and we went there and it was perfect three bedrooms 2 and a half bath then when we walked out we saw phoebe"phoebe? What are you doing here "Phoebe: I live here"o my god"Phoebe:what its not that bad"no we just put a down payment and security deposit"Phoebe: you cant move out of the manor"and no more being a witch for at least a little while"Phoebe: what if a demon finds you"that's why im not binding my powers just schoolgirls little taking a break from them""ive got to go get my stuff I will see you later"Phoebe: bye me and jean left our new apartment and walked back to the manor it was such a long day when we got home everyone was home i grabbed my cell phone and called 411 and called the nearest truck company and made a reservation for tommorow and just fell asleep i woke up and walked downstairs to a my little panties demon attcking piper cornered i threw him across the room and walked over to piper but got blown back i looked to see wyatt looking furious i tried to get up but my hand got blown up i screamed in pain as my hand grew back up"wyatt what the fuck"wyatt: i should have killed you when i had the chancei orbed out to pheobes loftpheobe: omg Eric what happened"wyatt is trying verry little tits to kill me"i being still in pain from being blown upwyatt orbed in and threw me against the wall and started throwing energy balls at me i threw a couple against the wall and tried to orb out and something came to me i want this i want myself to end all this power is to much yet i cant let wyatt have the blood on his hands i threw a psionics bolt at him and he dropped down but kept throwing energy balls at me i walked to him and put him to sleep telepathicly and orbed us to the manor and walked into the foyer and set him down and walked over to the front door and headed down to the truck little twin stars company and got back went upstairs and got all my and jean stuff packed in the truck and drove little boys kissing over to my new apartment we didnt have alot since we just had our bedroom and now a whole apartment i got to work un packed everything turned in the truck and walked over to the manor and went to the attic and to the book of shadows and summoned my copies and let the book reabsorb it after taking the tape i made out cute little teens and then i orbed to the mansion and held the tape pondering what to do with it should I show people or should I just destroy it or blackmail is an option I walked into the manor and decided I will keep it to myself for now and walked my little panties down to bobbys and mines spot. And saw bobby and kitty talking so I walked over to them"hey wats up guys"Them in a high pitched voice: hey"okay spill it "Bobby: spill what"im tired not dumb"Kitty amnt bobby I knew they shouldn't have told us why didn't you tell us your birthday is tomorrow"cause its not like were gonna celebrate"Bobby: and why the hell not"cause its just ... were not going to.. its bad enough I hurt chris I cant face everyone now"Bobby:you know your family is planning a party"I thought they would"Bobby: so are you going"nah I think I gotta go unpack wanna help"Kitty: ill come I gotta get outta here its like a church no fun all work"okay lets go"I grabbed kitty's hand and orbed us to my apartmentKitty: niceWe got to work I did the bathroom and my bedroom and the living room while kitty did the kitchen all that was old little porno left was jeans room and the guest bedroom that we were gonna wait to do" all finished"Me and kitty sat downKitty:not bad if I do say so myself"yea finally my own place"Kitty:this is yours I thought it was like jeans"no were gonna be roommates and I got to plan a party "Kitty: god im tired" wanna sleep over?"Kitty: take me back before classes tomorrow?"yea "Kitty: sureWe both got ready for bed and slept a great sleep that night I woke up to someone shaking me and it was piper"what little nipple the hell"Piper: why didn't you tell us you were moving out"why did I have to I have no obligations to anyone last time I checked I almost got fucking blown up at the manor"Piper:that's not fair"no whats not fair is that I have all this fukin power and cant do anything right and cant do any good"Piper:where did you even get the money"that is nobodys business little teen free but my own"Paige and phoebe walked inPaige:why ficking little girls the hell didn't you tell us"why did I have to im not a charmed one I don't have to be at the manor with chris and wyatt and I already put the book of shadows piper gave me back into the book so again no obligations"Phoebe:you could have at least trusted us to know"like you trust me you all are waiting till the day when I blow up from my powers you don't even want me to be a charmed one because of what might happen even though im already have enough power of the power of three and the only reason I want to be a charmed one is because I want that bond the bond that chris and wyatt share but not anymore that's why I quit fighting demon last time I did wyatt tried to kill me and you can tell leo im done teaching at magic school as well"Paige: get over your self" you know what fuck you "I got out of bed and stood up in only little teen sleeper my boxersPaige got in a fighting position"last time I checked I didn't invite you guys in so we will have to cut this short"I waved my hand at piper, paige and pheobe"manor"They all orbed out"block all entrance from the power of three block their path to this place blessed be"A light shined from my hands and rested through the apartment I walked around wondering what I should do then it hit me I have to finish school maybe ill just take my G.E.D and get it over and not go to collegeBack at the manorPaige: what the hell is his problemPiper: what are we gonna doPhoebe: we have to go talk to himThey all grabbed hands and paige tried to orb to erics loft but it didn't workPiper: anytimePaige:he must have used a spellThey orbed out to phoebes loftPiper:finallyPaige: whatever its hard okay Erics apartmentEric got dressed and orbed out to the mansion and went to little boys masterbaiting ororo's green house"hey ms munroe"Ororo:hello Eric what is troubling youI pulled my hand over the plant on the bench next to me and it started to maneuver around I pulled my hand back" my mutant powers are elementals and I cant really control water fire or air"Ororo:why don't you take one of my elemental classes" il go talk to the professor"I orbed out of the green house to the attice in the manor and see them doing a binding spell on me" what the hell"Piper: honey little teen sleeper its for your own good"that's not your choice" Paige: don't get fucking loud with her"fuck you bitch"Paige:bring it small fry"no I only use magic when necssecary"Paige:well you wont have it for long"no you will see what power like I have can do to somebodyWhat's Mine is Yours, What's Yours is Mine Let our powers cross the line I offer up this asian schoolgirl little gift to share Switch our powers through the air"Lights shown above us and switchedPiper:this is not good switch them back or I will"no its for your own good"Paige:wow all the power it feels amazing I want more I froze her"What's Mine is Yours, What's Yours is Mine Let our powers cross the line I offer up this gift to share Switch our powers through the air to their rightful place"Lights switched between us"see what I mean I fight that everyday that need "Paige:god that was amazingPiper: and you just proved our point"what that I can little girl facial handle this"Piper: no that one day the power will get to you"I looked nude teens little at the clock and saw it was12:00 pm"Winds of time gather around Give me wings To speed my way. Rush me on my journey forward Let today be tonight"I looked at the clock again uit was twelve at night"Before the passing of this hour, take away all their powers."A light leaves the sisters"now how do you feel"Piper: Eric stop this"how do you like your heritage taken away from you huh?"Paige: were sorry were worriedI waved my hand"spell uncast"A light reenters themI orb to the professors office"professor I"The whole x men team was there"im sorry ill come back"Xavier:nonsense we need you for an assignment anyhow" what kind of mission?"Xavier: lets just say its an appropriate mission for you"ohhh kkkaaayyy when do I leave?"Xavier: soon get ready scott logan and ororo will accompany you"okay I will go pack"I orbed out and packed my stuff when kitty entered the door"hey"Kitty: hey ready to go" yea "I grabbed my stuff and her then orbed out to the mansion Straight to the xavier office everybody was readyXavier gave me a map and some school supplies"school you've got to be kidding"Xavier: afraid not I orbed us out to the rusty cauldron and out the back door Andd looked at the map I tappedLeft right up down up up left down left right and twice it didn't work"fuck this"Ororo:maybe its broken?"What once resided in this place, shall soon be gone, with no haste,!"The wall turned to dust and I stepped forward into an alley way I turned around and waved the wall back into place and walked on going to olivanders wands?And walked in I saw an old looking man and walked upOlivander:ahh Eric I have just your wand hereHe walked away and came backOlivander:flick this wandI took the wand and flicked and a bottle explodedOlivander: no no definetly notAfter fifteen more wands a light shined upon me I took that as a sign to hurry up and pay and get the fuck outta here I paid the man and got all the books I neededand got to the train the teachers were patrolling the train as it took off all the cars were full except one with only three kids and I went into the car" mind if I bunk here"Girl: not at allI waved my hand and the car got a little bigger and sat down and pulled out my books and started absorbing the knowledge and was down about an hour in and looked the guys were sleeping but the girl was wide awake"whatcha ya reading"Girl:just another prophecy about some charming group"ah hive heard about them""my name is Eric by the way"Hermione: Hermione charmed"so whats with the guys?"Hermione:their my friends" oh so what grade are you in?"Hermione: fifth year"okay im an 9thyear? In the mortal world"Hermione: ohh here there are only 7 years of school"lucky"Hermione: I suppose" so how long does this ride take"Hermione: another 15 to 20 minutes"great so how does this thing happen.."Hermione:well we get off go to the great hall and have a annoucment first years get sorted into teams or houses little havana and then we go to the common room"kinda lame for a magic school"Hermione: little girl sucks just you waitWe arrived and I was pretty stunned me and Hermione and I walked to the great hall and sat down an old looking guy came up to the podiumProfessor: welcome back students and id like to welcome the first years coming in It took a long time before the sorting was doneProfessor: id like to welcome some of the teaching assistants that will be here for an unestimated period of time M.R Halliwell mr summers and ms munroe and mr. logan will you please standI stood as hermione tried to pull me down thinking I was kidding I just stood Professor: lets give a warm welcome to our guestsEveryone clapped except Hermione who look stunnedProfessor: looks as though you've already found houses so you may stay thereI sat downand started eating not really paying attentions to the thoughts and whispers and finished walked out the doors of the great hall and started exploring the mansion Hermione followedHermione: why didn't you tell me" what "Hermione: that you were teaching" I didn't know he just kinda said it"Hermione:where are you even going"Gryffindor common room"Hermione: this wayShe led through all the moving stairs yea movin stairs how sweet? And to this fat lady in a picture frameFatso: passwordHermione: oh my I didn't catch it"so lets just walk through her or something"Hermione: cant she blocks the passage"when you find your passage blocked all you have to do is knock"I knocked on the portrait and it swung open and I walked inHermione: what was that"a little magic"We walked through the common room to a couch and sat down by the fireplace and talked for the rest of the night birthdays come and go so peacefully its hard to miss those parties they seem so distant now I got tired of trying to sleep with no little nipple success and got ready to go demon hunting I got all the way to the common room before noticing ron harry and Hermione talking I tried to sneak past when Hermione spotted me and ran overHermione: where do you think your going"shh why are you guys still up ?"Hermione: you first" im going demon hunting okay "Hermione: we just couldn't sleep" well get some you guys got classes tomorrow and with me there going verry little tits to be hard"Hermione: let us come with you!" no you could get hurt"Hermione: so could you you could use the little boys kissing back up though?" fine hurry up and get dressed"They came back down minutes later in robes I laughed under my breath and continued out the passageway and into the corridor to the portrait and orbed us all out outside p3 and looked around no one is around I went over to the entrance to be stopped by the security guard hourusHourus:wait what are you doing here Eric espacily with these losers" they happen to be friends and im allowed in remember"Hours: piper said not o more We left around back and I changed their clothesRon:hey"hey what you guys cant go around in robes at modls little a night club"I orbed us to the backroom or as I call it the orbing room and left out the room to the dance floor and looked for piper wyatt or anyone really and ran into of course phoebe"what the hell im not allowed in anymore?"Phoebe: no we should proabaly made it more clear for your tiny brain to analizeHermione: hey at least give him the respect of a human beinShe pulled out her wand and made it low so no one could tellI froze the room and soon we were facing all the halliwells ( piper, paige, phoebe, wyatt, leo , chris,)Against little kds naked me ron and harrry the room was cleared of peopleI wved my hands agains t ron and harry and Hermione"hogwartz"And they orbed away"careful woudnt want any mortals getting hurt at least I no I don't how about evil wyatt ladies and gentleman"?I got thrown back and off guard little kid for that one I simply put a force field and sat down channeling my power"Melinda Warren Blood of I Blood our Great Great Great Great Great great Great Grandmother i Summon Thee"Melinda warren appeared "Melinda everything has gone wrong the charmed ones are evil"Melinda: this cannot be we must find safe groundI orbed us to my apartment and settled down for a moment and got up into danger mode again I summoned a cauldron and put some ingredients in it was the strongest binding potion ive ever made I tried lifting it with telekinesis and it didn't work it was really strog it must disable close powers I put them in vials and in a pouch and we orbed to the manor it was silentand then I was sent flying by wyatt I threw a potion at him and then piper paige and phoebe orbed in and I threw three at them as well and then chris who tried to orb in behind me"powers of the witches rise course unseen across the skies come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here" A light leaves them"what did I do to deserve this?"Piper: because your not meant to be in this familyTears ran from my eyes and I started to orb out when little cuties studios Melinda brought me backMelinda: I thought I raised my family better than this he is family and in the end family is all we havePiper:he doesn't deserve a family he deserves to go to hell faggot " been there done that "Tears stopped and sorrow vanished as rage and hatred filled its space"powers of the witches rise course unseen across the skies come to them they need you now come to them and settle there"A white light enters them"piper answer me this whats my favorite cookie"Piper: peanut butter"wrong bitch"I blew up them one after another" now to find the real family"I used my mind to scan the area and didn't find anything" I have to go there in the underworld"Melinda:it wasn't them blessed beShe disappearedI orbed back to hog wartz and saw the three guys still standing there"come on guys we have demon hunting to do"I orbed us to the manor and three extra cauldrons appeared"I hope snake taught you a vanquishing potion"Hermione: he didn't but I know a coupleWe got to work and wrote a letter to professor Dumbledore explaining everything and orbed it to the great hall hoping he see it"okay wands at the ready"we orbed out to se demons running down a passage way and to a big chamber it was filled with demons I put a force field around my family and started throwing potions ... Hermione POV I saw Eric throw the potions and I started throwing them at the demons and a fireball was coming at me I pointed my wand at it"Mobiliarbus"And I controlled the fireball back at himI looked out into all the demons"Reducto" "Reducto" "Reducto"And flashes of light came at the demons and vanquishing a couple and throwing a couple scaring them enough to run and there were like fifteen more Harry's POVI watched as hermoine kicked some demon assAs there were fifteen left I looked at them"Expulso" And the demons blew up Erics POVWe little kid ran to my family and put down my shield and started throwing lightning at the cage But nothing happenedPiper: were gonna need the power of three but a more powerful one "no everyone gather little twin stars hands"I summoned a piece of paper and wrote down my spell and gave two copies one to my family and then some to Harry nude teens little Ron and HermioneRon: but we cant do magic without wands"then the wands stay just say the spell!"Everyone: Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here Powers of the halliwell line come to us in our needy time to set our family free come to help us in our pleaThe cage started shaking and I shot lightning at it and the bars fell and nasty little girls I ran up to them and after introductions and everything" so how long have you been gone?"Phoebe ne to two days"how did they get your powers"Paige ur bloodPiper: the last time we saw you was when you said we should charm you guys"well then you guys know where to find me"I orbed out with ron harry and hermione to hogwartz and we all went to bed and when I woke up the next day and went to class about charmsI left towards my class and caught up with hermione she was in the class too So we left off to the charms class getting there and taking a stand by the teachers desk waiting but didn't show up I took over"everyone settle down""who can tell me where you left off"Hermione: Confundus charm"very well today we will be perfecting the Confundus charm""would somebody please volunteer to come up little teeny sex for a little duel? Hum nobody very well hermione will you please come up we will be using only non lethal spells and charms"Hermione: very wellShe came up and we had are wands at the ready" try as heard as possible to use the specific charm"Hermione: StupefyA red light burst at me"Protego" The charm bounces away from them into the ceiling"Avis Oppugno" A flock of birds came from my wand at hermioneHermione rotegoHermione: ConfundusEric sat their looking around for a moment then stepped down"good now pair up with someone hermione come here please"Hermione:yea"oh nothing so did I do okay I didn't know how far to go in battle?"Hermione: you where fine"good at least I only have this class"By the end of class everyone got it right and left except hermione and small little teens we went around talking and then it was time for me to get to the brotherhood meeting and I orbed out Straight to the meeting"so whats on the agaenda"Mystique: is it wise for him to be here he is a fool and a danger to himself and us"keep it up blue bitch and for the rest of your life youll have to run from things you asian schoolgirl little cant imagine"Mystique: youre just a child you know nothing" bring it on again blue bitch"She jumped up I focused emotions into her making her fall onto the ground screaming and passing out" and what are we doing "Magneto: we are destroying art nudes little the cure""ahh so lets see san fran and destroy the kid with the cure"Magneto:yes"no take the kid and hand him over to Xavier"Magneto: so the government can come and take him from them I think not" don't worry ill pull some strings and mask him from detection"Magneto:im sending you and your choice of an operative"lance"Lance: alright gonna kick some ass"no im gonna kick some ass your gonna shut up and give magneto the report later"Lance:bullshitI grabbed his handLance:babe little kds naked if little april masturbation you wanted me that bad you could have just said soI gave him a telekinetic slap and orb us to golden gate bridge as everyone was laughing as we left" okay looks like there is a dock on the north side of the island"Lance:kay lets get goin"wait magneto didn't want us back for a while you wanna have a little fun"Lance: thought youd never askI rubbed the front of his pants but pulled back"sorry I don't do it with the bad guys!"Lance:come on babe you wont regret it I wont bite ... unless you want me to" no lets go"I picked us up with telekinesis and we drifited over to the island and stopped outside the dock and landed we kept walking till we heard a siren go off and we broke out in a run towards the building me knowing I probably have somesort off superspeed but didn't use it because I didn't practice it we kept running and I phased through the wall and found the boyLeech: stay away from meI walked over to him"its okay im going to take you to a safe place"Leech:no you wanna hurt me just like everyone elseLance:kid come on there going to kill us get your stupid ass in gear"lance! Not helping come on please come with us there using you to hurt people"Leech romise"I promise" He grabbed my hand and we walked to the wall and phased through By then we drifited back to the golden gate bridge and orb out after we were out of sight to the brother hood meetingMagneto:goodwork Eric"ahh its in my nature im gonna take him to xaviers now"I took his hand and orbed out to xaviers but right before orbing I felt a needle in the back of my neck but I made it to xaviers and fell to the floor I heard leech screaming for help and scott and hank came running up hank picked me up and took me to the med bay I still was concius but I couldn't move I astral projected my cute little hentai body next to them"so whats the diagnosis ?"Hank: what the!"cool it beastie its still me I just astral projected "Hank: it looks like a sedative but because of your healing power your still awake and will be in control in about 2 hours"great"I astraled? Out to my apartment to see jean homeJean: whats up"before or after I got drugged?"Jean: what do you mean"nothing "I waved my hand"talk to hank MANSION"She orbed out and then I little twin stars followed little havana to hogwartz and schoolgirls little found hermione ron but no harry"hermione whers harry?"Hermione: to face voldemort he is taking over the magical community"I need your help"Ron:fuck you this is your fault he shoudnt have been in battle"listen little boy I cant turn your inside to your outsides by waving my finger"Ron: try bitchHe pulled out little sweeties underteen his wandRon: reducto!A blast of white light came at me and right through me"now my body is at xaviers mansion ill take you there if you can use a healing spell"Hermione: lets goI waved my hand and they orbed away I orbed out after them"so is everyone come"Jean: pretty muchI left upstairs to the kitchen passing the wreck room to see Jaime bobby and ray sitting thereRay and Jaime came up to meRay:so look what the fairy dragged back in"just shut the fuck up ray ohhh look jaimes here I don't think he will appreciate all the swaring on his young ears"Jaime transformed into several jaimes and ray cracled with power"bring it bitches this isn't even me my bodies downstairs"Ray:well lets pay a visitThey left I reached out telepathicly""Jean:"I astraled downstairs to see Jaime and ray attacking everyone I threw my hand and ray flew back and then I pulled all the jaimes to one spot and threw my hand again and a cage appeared made of electrical energy"so everyone okay"Jean was knocked out probably from ray but everyone else is okay"hermione Episkey charm"Hemione: episkeyShe pointed her and at my body and it healed I returned to my body and sat up"im hungry"I went over to jean and healed herAnd after all that I orbed everyone home and returned to hogwartz for another day! TBC
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